Meritas Advantage

How does this benefit Léman International School students?

Our student-centric approach supports development of educated, well-rounded children. Our students are prepared to succeed at the world’s finest universities and compete in today’s complex global economy. They have many travel opportunities, including participation in international exchanges. They also use videoconferencing to interact with friends as far away as Switzerland, Mexico or the United States.
The Meritas schools are among the finest college preparatory schools in the world. Our teachers have opportunities to train within this network and implement best practices culled from the best teachers in the world.

Expanded curricular offerings
  • Classroom-based learning experiences with students and teachers from around the world
  • Multiple languages with expanded conversational opportunities
  • Curriculum developed from a global perspective
  • International academic competitions
Expanded extracurricular activities
  • Sports tournaments involving teams from different countries
  • Musical and theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and other fine arts festivals and tours
  • Organizations such as debate teams and chess clubs working and playing together across the network
  • Student government and community-service organizations collaborating on projects and other philanthropy
Expanded travel and exchange opportunities
  • International exchange programs
  • Summer vacation and school holiday opportunities
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What are the hallmarks of a Meritas school?

  • A highly personalized educational experience, with each student having an individualized Personal Learning Plan
  • A proprietary system for measuring student learning growth that enables the teacher to focus on the needs and learning style of the individual student
  • Expert teachers trained in proven education techniques, including differentiated instruction
  • A focus on critical thinking and higher order reasoning through the use of Essential Questions
  • Access to over 12,000 students, teachers, and administrators worldwide allowing for unmatched global interaction among students and best practice sharing and training between teachers and administrators
  • A whole-child approach to education that emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities, technology, ethics, and global awareness to reinforce and bolster each child’s academic experience
  • Exceptional guidance counseling centered on top-choice college acceptances for all of our students
Meritas Around the World
Through Meritas, Léman International School – Chengdu students have access to programs in the U.S., Mexico, and Switzerland. Léman students may participate in summer programs at our sister school, the Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland. Middle School students may also participate in the Meritas Games, the Meritas Academic Competition, and the Meritas Fine Arts Festival, all held annually in the U.S.
What is the Meritas Family of Schools?
Meritas schools are a worldwide family of exceptional college preparatory schools committed to igniting students' full potential. With a network of top schools in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Meritas provides students with a unique college preparatory experience.
Meritas schools share a commitment to delivering the highest-quality academic experience. Each school believes that a personalized education focused on critical thinking best prepares students for success in college and in life.